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E-Book Release: What Are Agile Methodologies [Free E-Book]

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27 Jan 2020
E-Book Release: What Are Agile Methodologies [Free E-Book]

Agile project management is a flexible approach emphasising iterative progress and customer collaboration. It employs Agile methodologies, fostering adaptability, teamwork, and continuous improvement for efficient project delivery. To learn about agile project management Stay in tune with the A Brave New Agile World, with this brand new and informative free eBook from the IPM - Institute of Project Management.

Among the topics addressed are the need for Agile leaders in a changing world and working in both a Lean and Agile methodologies environment.

As well as outlining the benefits of adopting Agile, the eBook also describes the recently launched path to accreditation from IPMA®, which fulfils the emerging need of project professionals to have recognised certification in agile methodologies approaches. 

Agile Project Management: Essential Topic Ebook is Covering

This insightful eBook delves into key topics, shedding light on crucial aspects such as:

  • Chapter 01: A changing world needs a new kind of relationship
  • Chapter 02: The need of Agile Leaders
  • Chapter 03: Understanding Agile
  • Chapter 04: A Blanket term for many approaches
  • Chapter 05: Relationship between agile values, principals and practices
  • Chapter 06: Working both Lean & Agile
  • Chapter 07: Define work vs. high-uncertainty work
  • Chapter 08: Benefits of adopting Agile
  • Chapter 09: IPMA Agile Certifications
  • Chapter 10: IPMA world wide standards
  • Chapter 11: Conclusion

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of project management! Download the free eBook now to gain valuable insights, enhance your Agile skills, and boost your career. Don't miss out on this opportunity for professional growth

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A Brave New Agile World
Agile methodologies

In summary, Agile methodologies pave the path to project triumph. Explore our free eBook for in-depth insights, empowering you to navigate the Agile landscape effectively. Download now for a transformative journey in project management