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Terms & Conditions

Course fees must be received in full up to two weeks prior to a course commencement date.

Payment Plans

The use of a payment plan in relation to course fees is only allowed to students undertaking the Diploma programmes. On this circumstance, students may avail of the following payment plan structure:

Students who wish to avail of this payment plan must submit their request in writing to Each request is reviewed on an individual basis.

Failure to make payments in the above timeframe will result in the student being withdrawn from the programme. All facilities available to the student will be withdrawn with immediate effect.

Students will not be allowed to sit the examination until the payment is fulfilled. All fees paid up to this point are non-refundable and non-transferable.


A confirmed registration may be cancelled without cost for up to two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement. If payment has been received and a registered delegate cannot attend, a substitute may take that place (assuming the new delegate is eligible for that programme).


Refunds, of course, fees up to two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement will be processed.

Refunds of course fees within two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement are not available except under extenuating circumstances at the sole discretion of the Institute or in cases where the Institute is not in a position to comply with its obligations to the student.

A student negates the cooling-off period once he/she has commenced the programme, as this is considered an expression of acceptance of the above Terms & Conditions and the use of the service. As a result, no refunds will be issued to students after the programme start date.

In order to apply for a refund, a request must be submitted to together with supporting documentation.

If applicable, a refund will only be made payable to the person or company who made the original payment.

Deferral or Resit Applications

Students are expected to complete the course and sit the examination on the date for which they originally registered. However, IPM recognises that in exceptional cases there could be serious circumstances outside of your control that may hinder the ability to do so, and a deferral or resit may be sought.

Timeframe for Resit or Deferral Completion

Students must complete the course or exam within two years of initial enrolment and may only attend the modules not previously attended on their initial booking. This timeframe starts from the original course commencement date (first class).

Any student who has not completed their course or exam within the period defined above must re-register for the course and pay the full enrollment fee before starting again. Exceptional circumstances can be considered at the sole discretion of IPM.

Deferral or Resit Acceptance Criteria

Requests will only be considered by IPM in exceptional circumstances, such as: 

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential and must be accompanied by supporting documentation in order to be processed. Examples of supporting documentation include:

The following examples present reasons for seeking a deferral that will notbe accepted/Declined: 

Deferral Request Rejection: 

Please note that when you submit a deferral application with us, it should meet the above-mentioned deferral acceptance criteria, or otherwise your application can be declined. Below are the reasons stated why the application could be declined: 

Course extension requests 

Students who wish to have prolonged access to course content must pay a €100 administrative fee to get an additional 30-day access to course materials on their LMS. To seek an extension, students must send an email to 

Special Educational Needs

The Institute of Project Management is committed to providing equal access to education and equal opportunities for students with special educational needs. We will endeavour to make sure that you can access supports in an open, relaxed, friendly and confidential way.

Students are required to initiate contact with the Institute and request reasonable accommodations up to two weeks (14 days) prior to course commencement. To put special accommodations in place students must send a request in writing to Exam accommodations will be agreed upon during the Needs Assessment.

It is very important that students disclose a special educational need as early as possible to ensure that necessary supports are provided. By delaying disclosure of a disability, students may be missing out on essential support.

Needs Assessment

The Special Educational Needs Assessment determine the level of support that students require. Based on appropriate evidence of a disability and information obtained from the student on the impact of their disability and their academic course requirements, the Institute will identify supports designed to meet the student's disability support needs.

Standard Disability Accommodations in Examinations

A range of Standard disability examination accommodations will be available to students.

A student may be eligible to avail of an extra time allowance during examinations (10, 15 or 20 minutes an hour extra time), which will be determined during the Needs Assessment.

IPM's Membership

Registered Accounts and Users

By registering for the Institute of Project Management (IPM)’s Membership platform, you hereby warrant that you are of legal age and have provided IPM with information about yourself that is true, accurate, complete, and current. IPM reserves the right to terminate the membership and account of any user observed to provide information that is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.  

You claim sole responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your User IDs and passwords and agree to immediately notify IPM in the even of any unauthorised use of your User ID or password or any other breach of security.

Payment Terms

Members will be granted full access to the IPM's Membership platform for the specified duration of time upon reception of the membership payment. There are monthly and yearly options available. 

Please note that the payment will be processed in Ireland. Please contact your bank for information about any additional conditions, policies, or fees that may apply. 

Membership Subscription

IPM’s membership subscription is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Continued use of your membership subscription or failure to terminate your subscription permits IPM to charge you for the relevant subscription period. 

You may be subject to foreign exchange fees or price differences due to exchange rates. Please discuss with your bank or payment provider for more information.  

Membership Billing

To provide payment for your membership subscription, you may be asked to provide a credit, charge, or debit card number. You hereby agree that any authorisations you consent to in this section also apply to the payment processor used by IPM and any other company which acts as a billing agent for us.  

When requested, you agree to provide IPM and its billing agents with updated payment information. 

You hereby authorise IPM and its payment processor to charge you via your specified payment method in advance for any course-based or recurring subscription payments. You authorise IPM to continue to attempt to charge your specified payment method until all outstanding balances are paid in full, and understand that until that point, membership or site access may be revoked or restricted.  

You hereby agree that IPM is not liable for any charges or fees incurred from insufficient funds or holds placed on your specified payment method as a result of seeking outstanding payment for services or subscriptions.  

You agree to pay all charges at the prices in effect at the time or subscription, however, acknowledge and agree that they may be subject to change.  

Membership Termination

Failure to pay within the specified deadlines or failure to meet full payment amounts will result in restriction from site access and, when applicable, termination of membership.  

Membership and site access will only be restored upon the reception of payment for outstanding balances. 

IPM also reserves the right to terminate the membership of any user who violates these Terms & Conditions the Community Guidelines. All fees paid up until the point of termination are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Virtual Community: Posting & Forums

You may post content and access forums as well as other interactive functionalities. You hereby claim responsibility for any content you post, link, or otherwise upload and agree to do so in compliance with all applicable laws. You agree that any content you post is yours or you have the right to use it, and the content does not violate the privacy rights, copyrights, or any other rights of another person.  

You may not upload any content deemed unlawful, offensive, libellous, defamatory, or otherwise intended to disturb users. You also hereby acknowledge not to impersonate nor harass any person or entity.  

IPM has no association with the personal opinions or views expressed by users, and you hereby agree that all opinions posted are yours alone.  

Members are held accountable for the conduct detailed in the Community Guidelines. IPM reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate or indecent, as well as restrict the site use or revoke the membership of any user who violates these conditions. Any user whose membership is terminated as the result of a violation of the Community Guidelines as determined by IPM forfeits any fees or costs paid to IPM over the course of their membership.  

Publish Your Writing

IPM welcomes anyone to submit content and materials through Publish Your Writing submission programme. Contributions may be viewable by all users of IPM’s website and other third-party platforms such as social media, email marketing, etc. IPM hold no obligation to get your article published on any IPM platform.

By submitting any contributions, you thereby represent and warrant that: the creation, distribution, transmission, public display, accessing, downloading, or copying of your work do not and will not infringe the proprietary rights, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or moral rights of any third party.

Submission License

By submitting your work to IPM, you acknowledge and agree that any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, feedback, or other information regarding the content you provide is non-confidential and shall become our sole property. We shall be entitled to the unrestricted use and dissemination of these submissions for any lawful purpose, commercial or otherwise, without acknowledgement or compensation to you.

You hereby waive all moral rights to any such submissions and warrant that any content submitted is original to you or that you have the right to submit such submissions. You agree there shall be no recourse against us for any alleged or actual infringement or misappropriation of proprietary rights in your submissions. 

Content Approval

Content submitted will only be published if it passes the review process. If the article gets published on our website, we will send a notification to the email information submitted in the website’s form containing a link to the article. We are authorised to use the profile picture and short biography submitted for article publication purposes.