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The Institute of Project Management is a PMI Authorised Training Partner

29 Sep 2023
The Institute of Project Management is a PMI Authorised Training Partner

On September 1, 2023, the Institute of Project Management (IPM) officially became an Authorised Training Partner (ATP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI®). IPM is one of only six Irish institutions to receive this distinction and joins a global community of nearly 1,000 organisations dedicated to offering first-rate project management education and training.  

What Is a PMI ATP? 

PMI is a not-for-profit organisation that spearheads the global project management community. They are widely regarded as the leading organisation in the industry and conduct invaluable research to advance project management skills and training worldwide. Since 1969, PMI has promoted project management skills and certified millions of people in nearly every country. 

To advance the profession globally, PMI permits certain organisations to use their resources and provide training for their certifications. These organisations are called Authorised Training Partners (ATPs). The ATP program aims to make high-quality project management education more accessible by increasing the quantity and quality of training providers. Since we are an ATP, IPM offers training courses for two of PMI’s most prestigious certifications, the Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM®) and the Project Management Professional (PMP®).  


The Certified Associate of Project Management is an entry-level course that teaches students the foundational knowledge and concepts of project management. Additionally, this course teaches agile, predictive, and business analysis skills to help build a skill set that can be applied to a diverse array of projects.

IPM's course, called CAPM Certification Training, includes all of this information and prepares students for the CAPM exam with sample questions, tips on answering questions, and access to PMI prep material. It also provides the 23 formal training hours required to by PMI to take the exam.


The Project Management Professional is an advanced course that builds upon the CAPM level. Consequently, the course is designed for experienced project managers and students need to have at least five years of project management experience before taking the exam. According to PMI, the PMP is one of the most recognised project management certificates worldwide.

IPM's course, called PMP Passport, prepares students for the exam with practice questions, expert tips, PMI prep material, and access to an exam simulator. It also provides the 35 formal training hours needed to take the exam.

Benefits of Learning With an ATP 

Due to PMI’s high standards and reputation, organisations must meet numerous requirements to become an ATP:  

  • They must have operated for at least three years. 
  • They must pass multiple background tests focusing on course content and organisation.  
  • The instructors must have completed the ATP Train the Trainer course.  
  • The instructors must have agile project experience and a PMP. 
  • Both the organisation and its instructors must be in good standing with PMI.  

ATPs are re-evaluated annually to ensure their courses continue to meet PMI’s standards. These requirements ensure that all ATP content is current, related to the exam, and taught by qualified instructors with real-world experience. This is especially important for PMP training courses, as the exam underwent significant changes as recently as 2021. Therefore, students of ATP organisations can be sure they are receiving first-rate education and maximising their chances of receiving a PMI certificate.  

Additionally, there are many other benefits to training with an ATP besides approved PMI content. ATPs can access additional PMI resources, such as licensed exam prep material and practice exercises. These resources contain the newest PMI research used to set industry standards and can be used to supplement any ATP-offered course. ATPs can also offer Professional Development Units (PDUs) that count towards records of Continuing Professional Development. Consequently, PMI encourages new and experienced professionals to learn with an ATP.  


IPM is proud to be a PMI ATP, as it signifies that our content is on par with industry standards and ensures our students receive superior project management training. ATP status is a significant milestone and represents the organisation’s continuous dedication to offering both aspiring and established project managers the best possible education.  

IPM offers courses that prepare students for the PMP and CAPM exams, which can lead to globally recognised and prestigious certifications. The CAPM is an entry-level certification that can help jumpstart a project management career, while the PMP is for more experienced project managers and is highly sought after by employers.

To check IPM's status as a PMI ATP, visit the Authorized Training Partner Directory.