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Leading & Negotiating for Project Success Leading & Negotiating for Project Success

Leading & Negotiating for Project Success

This course aims to assist professionals in developing abilities and traits they can use immediately to implement negotiation and leadership tactics to promote organisational change. Develop your negotiation and leadership skills to inspire teams, advance projects, and add value to the company.

Develop leadership and negotiation strategies to drive organisational change.
Certificate of Completion, 14 PDUs
14 Hours
Live Online
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  • Why IPM
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About the Course

The success of your company or project depends on your leadership and negotiating abilities. Successful leaders must hone and constantly improve their capacity to inspire and guide their teams through the most trying circumstances.

The goal of this course in leadership and negotiation is to increase leaders’ capacity to effect change for the better and create high-performing teams. To form the right culture, understanding the distinction between management and leadership and how and when to switch between the two is more important than ever.

Develop your leadership and negotiation styles, learn to lead and negotiate with stakeholders more successfully, inspire others, promote diversity, and successfully handle conflict.

Learning Outcomes and Content

A combination of skills and characteristics contributes to one's capacity for leadership and influence. This quick course will assist you in quickly increasing your emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict-resolution skills so you can work effectively with stakeholders to solve complex problems.

Download the course brochure from the link below to learn more.
Learning Objectives

When this course is finished, you will be able to:

  • Effective project team leadership.
  • Adapt your leadership approach to the circumstances.
  • Manage the members of your project team to maximise its chances of success.
  • Effective negotiation requires careful preparation and a win-win attitude.
  • Recognise and settle disputes in the context of projects.
Course Modules

Learn the abilities needed to succeed in project negotiations and as a leader with influence.

Overview of Leadership
  • Defining leadership
  • Leadership in the Project Context
Leadership Characteristics
  • How do leaders appear?
  • Leadership Qualities and Practises
  • Leadership Projects
  • Individual Development
Management vs Leadership
  • How do managers work?
  • Leadership and Management: Differences
  • Organising and Supervising Projects
  • Strength and Stability
Adaptive Leadership
  • Situational leadership: what is it?
  • The McGregor Theory (X+Y)
  • Leadership: Transactional vs. Transformational
  • Model of Situational Leadership by Hersey and Blanchard
  • Managerial Grid by Blake & Mouton
  • Describe teamwork.
  • Conditions for Successful Teams
  • Challenges and Opportunities for the Project Team
Team Diversity
  • Diversity: What Is It?
  • Facilitating Diversity
  • The Nine Team Roles of Belbin
Team Building
  • Team Building
  • Tuckman’s Team Development Model
  • Leading Remote Teams
  • What is Negotiation
  • Negotiations in the Context of a Projec
  • Aiming for a Win-Win
  • Getting Ready for Talks: BATNA and ZOPA
  • What is Conflict?
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Disputes within the Project’s Context
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Why study Leadership and Negotiation?

Due to their ability to inspire and persuade others to effect change, highly effective leaders and negotiators are in high demand. This course will assist you in the following:

  • Get a toolkit of valuable abilities to lead meetings, provide feedback, bargain, and handle conflict.
  • Change from being a lone contributor to a capable leader.
  • To learn your strengths and weaknesses, examine your leadership style.
  • Discover the most recent approaches to persuade and persuade stakeholders.
  • Ensure you are in the best position during negotiations to get the most for your money.
  • Encourage teams to work more efficiently.

Read the article titled 10 Leadership Styles and How to Identify Your Own if you’d like to learn more about different leadership philosophies.

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This programme is ideal for...

  • Individuals who negotiate frequently as managers, team leaders, supervisors, business executives, or HR professionals.
  • Regardless of their job title, decision-makers and professionals influence both inside and outside their organisation.
  • Managers of projects, programmes, and portfolios
  • any person pursuing a promotion to a managerial position.
  • aspiring leaders about to assume their first position of leadership.
  • Those who want to modify their management style and learn new skills to manage productive teams.

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Why IPM?
Reputation & History
Experts in Project Management
How to Become a Strong Leader
Unparalleled Knowledge
Hub for Students & Community
Reputation & History
  • We were established in 1989 as a preeminent professional organisation dedicated to making project management a recognised discipline.
  • Certified more than 6,000 project managers and trained over 40,000 professionals.
  • An organisation that is a member of IPMA®
  • Worldwide acknowledged certification body.
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Experts in Project Management

Managing projects, programmes, and portfolios is our Institute’s sole focus. Our sole focus is project management, unlike other organisations that offer a variety of training programmes across various functional areas.

Due to our expertise, we can draw the most renowned lecturers from around the world who can impart their vast knowledge and experience to our students. Focusing solely on project management guarantees the best instruction and exceptional learning opportunities.

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How to Become a Strong Leader

The resources offered in this course will equip you with the skills necessary to inspire others, evaluate your negotiation and leadership styles, and enhance team communications. With exercises and real-world case studies to help you develop employable skills, you can learn how to think like a leader.

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Unparalleled Knowledge

We take pride in our Institute’s education, overseen by a distinguished faculty of top-tier project, programme, and portfolio management experts. Our instructors bring to the classroom unmatched skill and in-depth knowledge.

Project Directors and former heads of project management certification authorities are among the esteemed members of our faculty. Our graduates receive top-notch instruction and guidance throughout their academic careers thanks to their knowledge and practical experience.

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Hub for Students & Community

Our committed student support team guarantees your success and connection to achieving your objectives. Participate in our immersive learning environment, where adaptability and interaction are paramount. Connect with other participants to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and brainstorm at the Institute’s hub.

Upcoming Dates

This course can be provided to your staff at your own premises with a convenient and cost-effective solution. Learn more

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Alumni Reviews

4.8 stars
Google (100+ reviews)

Niall Gilligan

Senior Project Manager at Munich Re
March 14threv_glob_img
Fantastic courses provided by a diverse team who specialize in different aspects of Project Management. It gave me the confidence to move forward in my career as a project manager and, having recently recertified, they are an organization I trust.

Ciara Buckley

Senior Client Services Manager at Novartis
July 6threv_glob_img
I would highly recommend it as a beneficial asset to your CV. The lectures and material are excellent and it was a pleasure to attend on a weekly basis.

Deirdre Gaughran

Case Manager at Focus Ireland
July 4threv_glob_img
The course was very informative and presented by great speakers throughout.

John Murphy

Program Manager - Unicom Engineering, Inc
July 21strev_glob_img
Very knowledgeable lecturers, comprehensive course materials and a practical framework for project management that can be easily applied in the workplace. I would highly recommend the Institute to colleagues and would consider pursuing other courses with them in the future.

David Doheny

Managing Director - Dublin Property Maintenance
Nov 7threv_glob_img
Great course. Highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get detailed information about the course and answers to frequently asked questions.

In need of more details?
What exactly is covered by the course fee?

The tuition for the course includes unlimited access to our student support team, live, expert-led virtual classes, recordings, and access to all course materials on the Student Hub.

What formats are there for this course's delivery?
  • Online. Classes are held online from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on two consecutive days. You won’t have to worry about missing an online class because a recording of each one will be accessible for a short time in the Student Hub.
  • On-demand. With this adaptable online format, you can learn around your schedule and at your own pace.
Am I qualified to take this course?

To take this course, there are no prerequisites. However, a basic understanding of project management techniques might be helpful.

Is the course appropriate for applicants without prior PM experience?

Regardless of job title, this course is appropriate for professionals with managerial experience, emerging leaders, and anyone who wants to advance their negotiating and leadership skills. It is optional to have prior experience with project management techniques.

How long is the course?

The course runs for 2 days, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Is the course applicable to any industry?

The course’s material is appropriate for various business sectors, yes. We have students who successfully completed the course from various backgrounds, including engineering, pharmaceuticals, design, construction, IT, and many others.

Will recordings be available if I miss a class?

You won’t have to worry about missing a class because a recording of each online class will be accessible briefly in the Student Hub.

How will this course help with my career?

Recruiting managers value practical leadership and negotiation skills, which is why experts in the field created this course’s curriculum. You will have the skills required after completing this training to strengthen your leadership abilities and negotiate contracts with suppliers, stakeholders, clients, and representatives from various departments.

Will I get a certificate on this course?

A Certificate of Completion and 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs) are awarded for successfully completing this course.

Do you provide a Leadership course at a higher level?

The Project Leadership and Management Diploma is a part-time course that we provide. This part-time professional diploma in leadership and management provides three credentials, a university-backed curriculum taught by ten business experts, and a way for you to hone your decision-making skills while motivating and empowering teams across various organisational cultures.