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The IPMA® Strategic Programme & Project Management Diploma

29 Sep 2020

Moving from knowing how to manage a single project demands confidence and understanding. Managing a basket of strategically important projects requires the same. The IPMA® Strategic Project Programme Management Diploma is designed to teach you how to manage a portfolio of projects. It connects these projects to the organisation’s strategy. The follow-on course from the IPMA® Certified Project Management Diploma focuses on managing a single project.

Many of our IPMA-D® (Certified Project Management Associate) students move on to this course. It provides them with the opportunity to climb the certification ladder and become certified as IPMA-C® (Certified Project Manager).

IPMA® 4 Level Certification system

The internationally acclaimed IPMA® 4 Level Certification system. That supports individuals' and organisations' growth as they grapple with increasingly competitive project environments.

The minimum requirement to apply for the IPMA-C® certification level is three years of experience managing projects of moderate complexity or assisting in managing complex projects.

undoubtedly, It is important to remember that the real benefit and value are unique, specialized competency. An ability to achieve strategic goals by selecting, prioritizing, assessing, and managing projects and programs. This is based on their alignment and contribution to the organization’s strategies and objectives.

The Emergence of Strategic Project Management Diploma

Many organisations are still limiting the application of project management to the tactical level.

However, some smartly recognise project management as also a critical strategic tool. These project professionals and organisations understand that their future growth and long-term realisation of project benefits are inextricably linked to the successful execution strategy.

As such, they practice project programme and portfolio management to select, manage and support a programme or portfolio of projects that have the best chance of moving the enterprise forward and returning maximum shareholder value.

Strategic project portfolio management provides the rational decision framework necessary to make the right project investment decisions that enable organisations and project professionals to compete and win in the global economy.

Project Management Diploma: Why Project Management

Project management has become a global profession; furthermore, the discipline is now established as the pre-eminent method for implementing change. In a world where project, program, and portfolio managers lead the way.

In the era of the Project Revolution, organisations realise they cannot stay in business if they cannot manage their projects and rely on the peace of mind they get from hiring professionals who hold a widely recognised certification.

The burden has never been higher for project professionals to produce measurable results on time, budget, scope, and quality criteria. They also need to demonstrate that their skill set is at the cutting edge of the profession's needs.

In Summary, it is important to gain skills from project to portfolio management with IPMA®. IPMA-C® certification helps you to embrace global success in strategic project management.