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Enhance Earnings Potential with Project Management Certification

12 Sep 2012
Enhance Earnings Potential with Project Management Certification

The growing competition among companies forces them to complete projects with limited resources, human resources and equipment. As a result, companies prefer to hire accredited and experienced project managers who know how to: 

More and more individuals recognise the need to upskill from the base of their primary qualification continuously. Project management accreditation offers a unique pathway to expand and upgrade your skillset into an arena with a definite demand for such qualified personnel.

Obtaining IPMA Certification vouches for the formal education, skills and experience acquired by you on various aspects of project management. Furthermore, research shows that companies often recruit project managers with such credentials by offering higher salaries and perks.

How to start on this path?

The Institute’s Certified Project Management Diploma is Ireland’s most popular and respected programme and is offered in five locations nationally – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. Projects are the future of business, so why not join the other 2500 accredited IPMA professionals in Ireland and boost your career potential?