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Maximise Earning Potential with Project Management Certification  

17 May 2024
Maximise Earning Potential with Project Management Certification  

Choosing a career in project management is one of the most excellent decisions ever. The project management field is experiencing rapid growth and high demand for project management professionals, with an important level of competition. Being a project management professional is not enough to ensure your presence in this field; besides your experience, earning an international project management certification is essential, which takes challenging work and a financial commitment. Logically, with more experience, you will have more significant earning potential, but as soon as you earn a project management certification, you can expect a higher salary.  

There are many international project management certifications in this field. You can choose what aligns with your career goals, situation, and industry. One of them is the project management professional certification (PMP) by PMI. It is the gold standard of project management certifications, the most globally recognisable project management certification, and the most highly valued professional credential across many industries.  

Project management certification comes with several benefits, such as opening a gateway to new opportunities where you can apply for many jobs, receive consideration from a wide range of employers, and gain in-depth knowledge of project management concepts, processes, and methods. One more important benefit is earning power; holding a certification in project management is key to increasing earnings and having more job security. This article will discuss how project management certification can maximise your potential earnings and its impacts on your career.  

As the project management field is dynamic and expected to grow in the ten coming years and around 2 million project management jobs are opening, most organisations or employers are looking for project management professionals with experience, and 70% of them are looking for professionals who hold project management certifications; earning a project management certification puts you as a top candidate to fill these high roles and to get these vacancies. It shows employers and organisations your competency in project management and your owning the necessary skills to lead a team.   

What can a certified project professional earn?

According to PMI’s report1, there is an increase in the number of jobs requiring project management-oriented skills and a higher demand for project professionals in emerging and developing countries due to economic growth. By 2030, the global economy needs 25 million new project professionals, and to close this gap, 2.3 million people will be required every year, including project managers. According to a survey by PMI2, project professionals must have the skills and certifications needed to thrive and understand the connections among skills, experience, certifications, and salary, which are pivotal for the project management career journey. With insights from over 20,000 professionals across 21 countries, this report compares median salaries in US dollars and PMP certification status. As per its findings, individuals with PMP certification report higher median salaries than those without PMP certification, 33% higher on average across the 21 countries. Many participants believe that obtaining PMP certification has been valuable to their careers and a significant contributor to salary growth.  

As per PMI’s survey, PMP-certified project managers earn 16% higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification. In some countries, the salary increases by 50% for PMP holders over non-holders. In the USA, certified project managers earn 32% more than non-certified project managers. The increase in salaries for certified project managers can vary depending on their country of residence, their roles, and their experiences.  

These are the top 7 countries where certified project managers can earn maximum salary increases. 

Salaries based of PMP Certification

PMP is one of the highest-paying certifications worldwide; the USA is one of the countries with the highest earning power for project managers. The maximum average salary is $115,000, and the estimated annual income of certified project managers is around $135,800. These are the top countries where project managers earn the highest average salary.  

Salaries Based on Location

PMI has 650,000 active members worldwide and 1,400,000 PMP certification holders worldwide. These professionals vary in the industries in which they work and the roles they occupy. The salary data collected by PMI shows valuable insight into the salary that you can earn after obtaining your project management certification. The United States has the highest number of PMP-certified project managers, who expect a 32% salary increase once certified.  

So, in this fast-growing field and rapidly changing world, obtaining a recognised project management certification can provide a solid base for standing up in this competitive market and competing strongly and confidently. By earning and maintaining a project management certification, project management professionals gain valuable credibility and stay updated within their industry.  

When you become a PMP-certified project manager, you will earn a higher salary; a project management certification is one of the fastest ways to increase and improve your earning potential by 20% or more. In addition, getting this certification will earn you the respect of employers. It gives an excellent impression to the recruiter and highlights your resume compared to others who are not certified. Most big companies look for this certification when hiring a project manager.    

So, by holding an internationally recognised project management certification, especially PMP, you will improve yourself professionally and boost your career. You will also enhance your efficiency and productivity. It becomes easy for you to get a project management job with at least a 20% higher salary. So, do not hesitate to work hard and educate yourself to earn a project management certification to be a project manager and a leader in your field.   

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