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Ebook: Project Management Careers and Salaries in 2022

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20 Sep 2022
Ebook: Project Management Careers and Salaries in 2022

In this constantly changing work environment, project work plays an increasingly important role in today's national economies, necessitating a growing demand for project management careers. It is undeniable that the workers in the industries changed along with the development of the economy.

As project management is being accepted as a core competence requirement to underpin and sustain organizational and national competitiveness in many countries, IPMA published a survey in June 2022 to understand the market's need for project management skills and develop the capability to respond to its expectations more rapidly.

What is Inside the Survey : Project Management Careers & Salaries

It examines the educational backgrounds, roles, and experiences of project management professionals, highlighting the prevalence of traditional and agile approaches.
Additionally, the survey explores salary structures, shedding light on fixed salaries, performance-related pay, and overall annual gross salaries. Professionals' perceptions of their compensation relative to non-project management roles are also examined.

In this Survey significance of certifications in project management is highlighted. It is revealing their impact on salaries and career development. The Institute's commitment to promoting education and international collaboration in project management is since 1989.

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In conclusion , this survey serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into industry trends, salary structures, and the evolving nature of project work. Moreover, the complete findings are in a downloadable ebook, guiding professionals in Ireland and beyond.