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Corporate Training As Talent Gap Solution

07 Oct 2022
Corporate Training As Talent Gap Solution

Talent Gap Issue

It is undeniable that your project performance is highly related to your team's performance. Teams are the backbone of projects and are critical to business success. Therefore, improving your organisation’s talents to be the project-oriented workforce you need is crucial for exponential business outcomes.

An organisation’s talents normally range in skill and experience levels. We understand that it might not be easy to identify and close the gaps within your organisation while keeping up with the latest and fast-moving project management trends. Therefore, we would like to help you solve the issue through our Corporate Training program.

Grow Your Team with IPM

Through our Corporate Training program, we can develop and deliver customised, scalable programmes that fulfil your organisation’s specific training needs. There are solutions for all members of your organisation, from entry to advanced level.

We offer you a curriculum co-created with carefully selected subject matter experts and industry leaders in Project, Programme and Portfolio management. Whether your team is new to project management, re-skilling or up-skilling, our growth-focused training will fill the necessary knowledge and skill gaps.

We will work in tandem with your business to develop and deliver customised, scalable programmes that fulfil your organisation’s specific training needs. All courses on our website can be conveniently offered in-person or online to your team.

Why Corporate Training?

Research shows organisations with a project-oriented workforce perform much better in revenue growth, customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and environmental, sustainability, and governance metrics. Organisations globally partner with IPM to give their workforce the project management skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Upskill the potential of your talents into the project-oriented workforce you need to help transform your workforce’s project management capabilities with our corporate training solution.

  • Reduce your agency, consultancy, and new-hire costs.
  • Manage change efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase the successful execution of projects.
  • Get teams speaking the same language.
  • Embed project management across your organisation.
  • Enable team development and progression pathways.
  • Adopt a project mindset to achieve strategic goals.

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