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16 Jan 2012

What are Project Managers Earning?

In this article we are looking at salaries for project managers based on two criteria:

The Institute is 100% focused on Project Management field and is committed to the development and the professionalization of our chosen field. Part of this commitment is our undertaking of the unique benchmarking survey which has for the last seven years examined the people aspects of project management, building a picture of project professionals’ careers, earnings and prospect.

Earnings by years worked in project management

Years working in Project ManagementAverage
Less than 558,000
5 to 1066,000
10 to 1578,000
15 to 2088,000

It is important to note that the category “Years Working in Project Management” is not the same as “Years Working”.

The first job of many now involved in the discipline does not generally begin with a project management position but with a functional one. A project management position generally represents the second job.

So, for example, an individual may have worked for 5 years in a functional role and then transferred to a project management position. This individual would fall into the category.

Years working in Project ManagementAverage
Less than 558,000

Earnings by title

Title  (Using IPMA 4 Level System)Average
Projects Director113,000
Senior Project Manager93,000
Project Manager62,000
Project Management Associate41,000