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How to Recruit Project Managers?

17 Dec 2013
How to Recruit Project Managers?

Recruitment is essential in any company, as it brings in the requisite human capital and can significantly impact organisational performance. Unfortunately, however, good project managers who can successfully manage demanding projects are a scarce resource.

Finding and recruiting the right project manager has become an increasingly important challenge for many organisations today. So, how do recruiters attract the right project management talent?

The starting point should be understanding that knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are the building blocks of Project Manager Competencies. A recent study analysed job advertisement data under these KSA classifications. The table below summarises the top 5 KSAs sought after by employers.

Educational background
Health & Safety
MS project
Compliance to regulations
Technical skill
Stakeholder management
Cost management
Time management
Result oriented
Problem solver
Commercial acumen
Work under pressure

For example, education (28.61%) is the most cited competency in the knowledge category, followed by project management certification (20.47%).

This understanding will help human resource managers perform the recruitment process more effectively. It identifies the required knowledge, skills, and abilities that prepare the job advertisement to find the right person for the project.

It also means that firms can articulate the competencies they need more precisely, making their advertisements more informative.

*Data source "Recruiting Project Managers". Ashan, Ho & Khan. Project Management Journal Oct 2013