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How Do Project Managers View Online Communities?

27 May 2024
How Do Project Managers View Online Communities?

Due to technological advancements and shifts in the virtual world, online communities have become essential for organisations and individuals and offer a new level of social interaction.

What are online communities?

Online communities bring together people who share common ideas and interests from across the globe to share and discuss their experiences and expertise. These virtual communities provide a unit for internet users worldwide to communicate through instant messages, emails, calls and social media. Here, it is notable that online communities differ from social media or social networks; still, both share some common features and depend on the internet. Both can be a platform to find information, share ideas, and exchange experiences, but social networks are for people who know each other or have met to stay in touch and maintain relationships. Meanwhile, online communities are for unrelated people from across the globe; they are only related by their shared interests, ideas, and professions, where they share, contribute, and learn from each other.

What are Project Management Communities?

Project management communities are dedicated spaces where project management professionals can speak the same project management language, from sharing stories, discussing issues, and sharing solutions to learning new skills to collaborate effectively. These communities provide webinars, resources, workshops, and project management events. In addition, these communities could provide job opportunities, knowledge, and information on project management, as well as high-quality answers to project management questions, engagement, and even mentorship and earning PDUs. These communities dissolve geographical boundaries between project management professionals, allowing them to communicate daily easily. It makes the world smaller for them.

Who can join these communities?

All project management professionals, newcomers to project management, students, and anyone interested in project management looking to move into the field can join and share their ideas and insights, ask questions, and refine their knowledge and understanding of this field. 

What are the benefits of project management communities?

These communities are an investment in your time to build something worthwhile, and it is significant to be an active part of these valuable communities that have many benefits as following:

  • Expanding network: These communities can provide new connections and opportunities to enlarge your professional network regardless of location or industry. They can open new doors for partnership, mentorship, future collaboration or even job vacancies.
  • Solving problems: These communities can provide opportunities for solving complex problems and implementing solutions by collaborating with fellows and professionals. 
  • Mentorship: These communities are the perfect place for mentoring or finding a mentor who could guide and support you in finding your way, passing the exam, and improving your career.
  • Sharing resources: These communities represent essential sources for tools, tips, templates, and recommendations that could help you during your journey or in your exam preparation. 
  • Continues learning: The project management field is evolving nonstop, with a bright future when also factoring in technological advancements. Joining project management communities keeps you updated with the latest tools, methodologies, and innovations in this field. Participating in these communities also helps you develop essential skills such as communication, leadership, and problem-solving by allowing users to engage in discussions and share experiences with other members. 

Networks such as the LinkedIn, DPM, PMI, or IPM communities are the best locations to join project management communities.

  • LinkedIn platform: LinkedIn offers various groups for project managers, such as the Project Manager Network, where participants can engage in discussions and gain insights from other professionals.
  • DPM - The Digital Project Manager: DPM is a community with a paid membership, where you gain access to a wealth of resources, webinars, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Project Management Community (by PMI): This online community brings together project management professionals especially those who are certified by PMI.
  • IPM Membership: This modern platform, set to launch this year, will be the hub for the global project management community. It will cater to experienced professionals and the young generation that will shape the future of project management. Join the waiting list to be the first notified about the launch.

For project managers, these communities are the best way to stay in contact with others in this field, learn from them, or provide them with knowledge and experience. They also allow you to develop your skills and receive professional recommendations and advice.

So, if you have yet to join any project management community, wait no longer. Join to connect with peers who understand the challenges, share the same passion, and celebrate success.