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How many hours do Project Managers work?

09 Dec 2014
How many hours do Project Managers work?

This finding is an element of our extended 2015 Annual Survey of Practitioners which is due for publication early in the new year.

The survey is based on self-reported information from our course participants in the Leinster, Munster and Connacht regions and it includes nine major position descriptions/levels in reporting the data.

How many hours do you work per week?

1. Expected number of hours to be worked, as per terms of employment

2. Actual number of hours typically worked

PositionExpected HoursActual Hours Worked
N =Mean N = Mean
Director of PMO239.0260.0
Portfolio Manager137.0150.0
Programme Manager838.1846.4
Project Manager (Senior)1137.91150.3
Project Manager (Intermediate)3738.53748.7
Project Management Specialist937.1943.6
Project Team Member5037.05041.6
Project Management Consultant740.4746.8
Functional Manager/Subordinate3239.43246.5
Total / Average17938.217947.9

*N = Number of respondents

*Mean = Arithmetic average

Project Manager work Hours