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Chief Executive of NRA Awarded IPMA Level A

24 May 2011
Chief Executive of NRA Awarded IPMA Level A

The Institute of Project Management is delighted to announce that Fred Barry, CEO of the National Roads Authority (NRA) has joined the elite band of only three people in Ireland to acquire the coveted IPMA Level A certification status. The IPMA four-level certification system operates in 43 countries and has some 100,000 certified professionals of which less than 200 have acquired Level-A status.

"Project management provides hard value saving wasted euro and effort and mitigating the risk of wasting euro. Improved project management increases the confidence in the market as we deliver on projects, and provides a platform on which we can build for the future.

Ownership of project management helps enable success at the personal, organizational and national levels. Acquiring IPMA Level A certification not only gives formal recognition to the experience I have gained during my career, but it also demonstrates a visible commitment to my belief that project management delivers value."

Fred Barry


Fred Barry is a chartered engineer and qualified barrister whose projects career is primarily in the Engineering and Construction sector, and extends over 36 years with experience at every level.

He is currently CEO of the National Roads Authority (NRA) - an independent statutory body established by the Irish Government in 1994, whose primary function is 'to secure the provision of a safe and efficient network of national roads'.

The NRA has overall responsibility for planning and supervision of construction and maintenance works on these roads. Transport 21 is a capital investment framework under the National Development Plan through which the transport system in Ireland is being developed, over the period 2006 to 2015. Some €18.4 billion is being invested in the national roads programme under the stewardship of the NRA.

Prior to joining the NRA, he was Managing Director, U.K. and Ireland of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. - an international technical professional services company, with particular strength in project management.

Here he had executive responsibility for a number of € billion projects, including a complete biotechnology manufacturing complex, and very large semiconductor facilities.

He was also on multiple joint venture boards, conducted several acquisitions due diligence and integrations, and established new operations and offices.

He is also a director of the National Development Finance Agency, which is the state agency responsible for procurement of PPP projects for the Depts. of Justice, Health and Education and is joint Chairman of Management Committee for a €1 billion project in Northern Ireland, partially funded by the Republic's government.