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What is CAPM Certification: Cost, Requirements & Preparation

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03 Feb 2023
What is CAPM Certification: Cost, Requirements & Preparation

What is CAPM Certification?

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a globally recognised certification suitable for anyone who wants to take the first step in building a career in project management. The key to earning successful credentials will help you attract attention among potential employers. This certification is ideal for fresh graduates, aspiring project managers, and professionals seeking additional credibility. It can also help you land better career opportunities and increase salary prospects.

The demand for CAPM certification is constantly increasing due to the need for project managers with uplifting qualifications and expertise. It is because project management presence has elevated in global competition. The most in-demand jobs for CAPM-certified professionals are the following: Consultants, Business Analysts, Relational Administrators, Operational Support Associates, PMOs, Senior Project Managers in IT, Marketing Conditions for Communications, and many more.

CAPM Certification Exam 

The CAPM Certification exam tests your proficiency and familiarity with project management. This certification validates your knowledge of project management fundamental principles and core concepts, and understanding of the practical implementation of predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches.  

After passing the examination for CAPM certification training, an email will be sent to notify you, and an update to your credential and certificate will follow in the next few days. When everything is settled, you can advance to your roles as project managers and increase your opportunities in your organisation. 

Certification Validity

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification is valid for five years and is renewable. You will need to apply for renewal before it expires, as if you failed to do so, you will be required to retake the examination process again. To maintain your certification, you must earn 15 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in a three-year cycle as a requirement to get recertified.

Exam Requirements 

To be eligible for the CAPM exam, you must meet the following education and professional requirements:    

  • A secondary degree (a high school diploma, an associate degree or the global equivalent).  

Exam Cost: Certified Associate in Project Management

CAPM examinees must pay to the certification body, which is PMI USA. The cost is divided into two categories that vary when the examinee is a PMI Member or not.  

The prices are as follows:  

  • Non-PMI Members: $300  
  • PMI Members: $225  

Exam Structure & Content 

  • The CAPM exam contains 150 multiple-choice questions, including 15 pre-test questions that are unscored.  
  • The time allotment for the exam is 3 hours.  

The 2023 updated CAMP exam differs from the previous structure on the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 7th edition chapter. PMI conducted extensive market research and a job task analysis (JTA). The purpose of this activities to measure the relevance of the CAPM certification exam. Thus, customers and stakeholders also give PMI feedback to ensure that the certification aligns with the market needs.   

Although there is a differentiation in the exam, you can find some similarities in terms of reference. Based on the PMI announcement, the learning resources for the exam can be found in PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition, Process Groups: A Practice Guide (2022), The PMI Guide to Business Analysis (2017), Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide (2015), Agile Practice Guide (2017) The Project Management Answer Book (Second Edition), and Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid (8th Edition).   

It is vital to study the overview content to pass the CAPM certification on the first try and avoid repeating it. Project management is a great profession, and obtaining the certification means you are competent and professional enough. An intensive study plan is also advisable to successfully execute the exam. 

Overview Content of the CAPM Exam 

Examinees must answer 150 questions in three hours. Moreover, the questions fall into the following categories: 

Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concept 36% 
Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies 17% 
Agile Frameworks/Methodologies 20% 
Business Analyst Frameworks 27% 
TOTAL 100% 

Once you complete the Certified Associate in Project Management exam, it can be applied to on-the-job experiences. It certifies the level of competence and credibility in project management. It validates that you have the fundamental knowledge, mechanism, and terminology. Furthermore, it is a huge step toward advancing your career. Download the CAPM Examination Content Outline by here.


Selecting a project management certification is vital for your career. In this fast-paced world, you must advance your skills and knowledge to stay competitive and stay ahead. However, deciding which one suits you can also be confusing. There are two best project management certificates known worldwide. These are CAPM certification and PMP certification. To help you understand which is best for you, you must first know the difference between the two.  

The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification requires a slightly more difficult exam than CAPM. The exams contain more extensive management practice, whereas CAPM questions refer to the PMBOK Guide. The PMP certification is ideal for professionals who have practised project management for a long time and have plenty of experience. On the other hand, CAPM certification is the best start to gaining your professional credibility as a beginner.  

Among the two, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is the best fit for every beginner who wants to start their career. It provides many opportunities at a friendly cost fee. The eligibility requirements for acquiring CAPM are relatively easy to meet, and it also provides students with certification in project management. If you are looking forward to starting your career, CAPM is the recommended course. The CAPM can also make it easy for you to pursue your PMP.  

CAPM Preparation and Training

Select the best Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam prep course when planning to surpass your goal of passing the CAPM Certification. Looking through the hundreds of online classes can be frustrating, but insightful research and constructive comparison can help decision-making. If you plan to study for longer hours, choose the course that fits your learning style. Check out the procedures that offer collaborative teachings and training where you will learn everything and not waste your time.

We provide CAPM Certification Training which includes full access to all training materials on the Student Hub, live expert-led online classes, and recordings for a limited time, as well as unlimited support from our Student Support team.  

Our course modules covered the domains and tasks required for the 2023 outline structure of the exam, including project management fundamentals, predictive methodologies, agile frameworks and methodologies, and business analysis frameworks.

You can gain 23 hours of project management education requirement by taking our course. We conducted the course on online classes for the 3-day training from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For only €795, you will get a certified PMP practitioner instructor with real-industry experience. 

Download a CAPM Handbook by PMI  

Download and get the CAPM Handbook by PMI for FREE. Have access to the certification guidelines, requirements for each IPMA certification level, recertification, and more. You are one step ahead in reaching your ideal career. Fulfil yourself with the skills needed globally. Obtain your first IPMA certification and bring your career to the next level. Start your entry point to project management and infuse leadership skills to lead in the workplace.