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IPM provides access to top-rated professional certifications, qualifications, and accreditations in the field of Project Management.
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Who is IPM?

The Institute of Project Management (IPM) stands as a global authority in the field of project management, providing comprehensive offerings in education, certification, and membership services. Established in 1989, IPM has successfully trained more than 40,000 professionals and granted certification to over 6,000 project managers. Renowned worldwide, IPM boasts unparalleled expertise across project, programme, and portfolio management disciplines. Notably, IPM holds membership in the International Project Management Association (IPMA®), the pioneering professional project management association uniting more than 70 countries across six continents.

A cornerstone of IPM’s excellence lies in its faculty, comprising industry-focused experts. Each member possesses both academic and professional qualifications along with hands-on experience in project management within real-world business contexts. Collaborations with prestigious entities such as IPMA, Axelos, and PMI give IPM access to a wealth of international and domestic lecturing talent. This strategic network extends to partnerships with diverse organisations and individuals spanning all sectors, facilitating the enhancement of competencies, practices, and certification credentials. This, in turn, empowers them to execute projects with a high degree of success.

IPM is an active part of the international project manager community

Our Philosophy & Mission

IPM follows a philosophy focused on aligning its training and certification programmes with the most current insights and best practices in project management. To achieve this, IPM makes substantial investments in actively engaging with the global project management community.

IPM’s mission is to support the success of the project profession in a complex and changing world. IPM’s primary goal is to offer education, develop qualifications, and provide certifications that empower individuals and organisations to effectively execute projects, leading to positive societal impacts and benefits.


IPM Professional Diplomas 

IPM offers integrated EQF and IPMA® professional qualifications via accredited diploma programmes.

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is an eight-level framework for all qualifications based on learning outcomes. It acts as a translator between different national qualifications frameworks. The EQF was established in 2008 and revised in 2017. It improves qualifications’ transparency, comparability, and transferability, allowing for cross-country and institutional comparisons.


IPM has obtained accreditation from Technological University Dublin. This accreditation enables IPM to provide access to EQF Level 6 & 7 Special Purpose Awards, which are equivalent to 15 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. The accreditation also validates the following aspects:

  • Curriculum: IPM provides an extensive and rigorous project management curriculum encompassing all facets of project management.
  • Faculty: IPM boasts a team of exceptionally qualified faculty members, each a specialist in project, program, and portfolio management. These faculty members possess both practical experience and academic credentials, enabling them to deliver education and training of the highest quality.
  • Standards: IPM adheres to global standards and best practices established by organizations like IPMA and PMI. These standards guarantee that IPM graduates possess the essential skills and knowledge required for success in the professional arena.
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To attain the diploma, candidates will undergo assessment through various components, including self-assessment, a written project, or a 3-hour online exam. The specific type of assessment will vary depending on the diploma program.


  • Certified Project Management Diploma (EQF Level 6)This diploma certifies individuals who possess comprehensive knowledge in successfully managing projects from inception to completion.
  • Strategic Project and Programme Management Diploma (EQF Level 7)This diploma acknowledges individuals who exhibit advanced proficiency in managing multiple projects with a strategic focus, aimed at achieving significant outcomes.
  • Diploma in Project Leadership and Management (EQF Level 7)This diploma recognises individuals who demonstrate exceptional emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, and the ability to cultivate productive relationships. They are equipped to lead high-functioning teams, emerging as accomplished Project Leaders.

IPM Professional Certificates

IPM consistently invests in the development of project management educational programs with a strong professional focus. These programs provide you with access to modern and career-defining training that encompasses all essential project management methodologies and approaches.


IPM Agile Certificate 

To thrive in an era of swift change, organisations must evaluate, respond, and adjust more rapidly than before. An agile mindset, emphasis on value, and an iterative planning approach pave the path ahead.

The IPM Agile Certificate validates your understanding of essential Agile principles and frameworks, facilitating the initiation of your accredited career as an Agile Project Manager. This credential adds 21.0 PDUs (Professional Development Units) to your Continuous Professional Development record.

The Certified Agile Project Management programme provides you with this certification. By enrolling in this 3-day course, you will also attain the IPMA Agile® International Professional Certification.

IPM Scrum Certificate  

Scrum stands as the most popular Agile methodology, as highlighted by the 16th State of Agile Report. The report reveals that 87% of respondents are currently utilizing Scrum within their organizations.

The IPM Scrum Certificate validates a robust comprehension of Scrum principles and the ability to lead a Scrum team effectively through project completion. This certificate signifies more than mere course attendance; successful completion of the final written examination, with a passing rate of 60%, is required to obtain the certificate. Moreover, the IPM Scrum Certificate contributes 14.0 PDUs (Professional Development Units) towards your Continuous Professional Development record.

Participation in the PSM Scrum Master course not only leads to the acquisition of this credential but also serves as preparation for the Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM I) certification exam offered by Scrum.org.

IPM Certificate of Completion  

IPM offers a wide range of programmes, catering to diverse needs – from skill-specific short courses to exam preparation, available live-online, in-person, and on-demand. These programmes have been meticulously crafted to empower you with fresh skills that can be readily employed in your professional environment. Moreover, upon successful completion, you will be awarded an IPM Certificate of Completion, accompanied by PDUs, which will significantly enhance your Continuous Professional Development portfolio.


IPM Certificates of Completion are easily verifiable through Accredible and hold the trust of employers. Your digital certificate holds the power to spotlight your achievements, drawing in fresh opportunities.

An IPM Certificate of Completion serves as a valuable asset for professionals aiming to gain recognition as skilled and knowledgeable practitioners. You can obtain an IPM Certificate of Completion by completing the following courses: