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Seamus Woods – My Motivation to Become a Certified IPMA Level A

03 Jan 2013
Seamus Woods – My Motivation to Become a Certified IPMA Level A

In 2011, the Government decided to enhance reforms in Ireland's Children and Family Services. Consequently, This led to the establishment of the ambitious "For Ireland's Children" Reform Programme. It emphasized accountability, consistency, and transparency in the system.  As part of the Reform Programme, a new Children and Family Support Agency will be established early in 2013. Undoubtedly, Programme and Portfolio Management are key leadership and management tools. It is to deliver on Government objectives, including detailed planning at the individual project level. 

What is IPMA Level A Certification?

IPMA Level A certification is highly recognised and internationally accepted by Project professionals or portfolio professionals. It is designed for experienced project professionals who have demonstrated superior competence in managing complex projects and programs by IPMA. Individuals who achieve this certification by IPMA have typically accumulated a substantial amount of project management experience, often in leadership roles.

IPMA Level A: Certified Projects Director

  • Targeted at individuals with extensive experience in directing and managing complex projects and programs.
  • Requires a deep understanding of project management principles and practices at a strategic level.
  • Involves a rigorous assessment process, including a written application, interviews, and the submission of a portfolio demonstrating the candidate's experience.

Seamus Woods Achievement as IMPA Level A Certified

My achievement in achieving IPMA Level A has allowed me to take my management skills one step further and helped me grow on a personal level. I would recommend IPMA Certification in Project Management to anyone wanting to deepen their skill levels and further their personal and professional development.

Benefits of IMPA A in Project Management

One of the primary benefits of attaining IPMA Level A certification lies in its ability to enhance project management skills to an advanced level. The comprehensive curriculum delves into intricacies, equipping professionals with the expertise needed to orchestrate projects efficiently. This heightened proficiency is not only valuable within the specific context of the Reform Programme but extends to any project management scenario, making it a universally applicable skill set.

About the Author

IPM Seamus Woods

Seamus is a certified Project Director at IPMA Level A, a certified PMP® and lectures at IPM. He has over 25 years of experience in project management, programme management, and portfolio management in the public sector.