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A Look Ahead. The Institution of Project Management opens a new head office in London

11 Apr 2023
A Look Ahead. The Institution of Project Management opens a new head office in London

The Institute of Project Management (IPM) is moving forward another significant step in its growth strategy, by establishing a new head office in London, the city of cultural diversity and impressive talents. Its operations have been expanded across borders to boost its presence in The United Kingdom and to enhance the Project Management Education along the kingdom through its research and development work in close with local communities. Since its inception in 1989, The Institution of Project Management has provided training to over than 40,000 individuals and had the honor to educate and grant certifications to hundreds of professional project managers.

Our aim is to empower project management professionals with the most updated project management knowledge and essential skills required for success in project management industry which is a rapidly expanding field. These knowledge and skills are transfer to the expected future project managers through our professional team of esteemed instructors who possess unparalleled expertise in project management. In addition, our faculty is comprised of professional individuals who have worked with leading global organizations and leave a significant print in the world of project management.

At our institution, we prioritize customers satisfaction and strive to provide the best learning experience that enrich their knowledge, guide them to success and empower them to face challenges in the project management industry. Our main goal is to keep WIN-WIN situation with our clients. At the institution of project management, we offer a comprehensive range of sixteen courses that cover various aspects of the project management industry. Each program is uniquely designed to meet specific skills or certifications for project management professionals. We have had the honor to train individuals from prominent organizations such as Facebook, Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Oracle, and KPMG. We are proud of our accomplishments and strive to continue providing exceptional service to our clients.

According to PMI’s 2021 Talent Gap report, the demand for project management is rising to reach approximately 2.3 million new project management employees needed each year to meet global talent demands by 2030.1 That fact aligns with the increasing number of students enrolling in our courses. This demand is driven by the need for companies to quickly adapt and response to the changing market conditions and customer needs and remain competitive in an accelerated digital transformation world and digital business environment to bring their product or services to the market.2 A common example is when a company seeks to quadruple its profits, and it will require a skilled project manager to develop a blueprint on how to achieve this objective. Similarly, when a company acquires another company, a project manager is necessary to oversee the operations of the newly acquired entity. At IPM, we acknowledge the vital role project managers play in shaping the future, and we are committed to developing a robust project management capability to enhance national competitiveness.

As a part of our growth strategy, we are looking to establish a closer relationship with our clients and operate within the United Kingdom. Building a strong relationship with our clients in this region is an essential part of our business and we are able to communicate openly and clearly with them to offer them our advice pr expertise where necessary. The opening of our new Head Office in London will enable us to contribute to the growth of the project management industry in the region and provide support to inspire project managers. Establishing another office in such a rapidly expanding economy presents IPM with an opportunity to make a significant impact on the project management sector and offer valuable resources to lead project managers. Finaly, let's effectively communicate toward success.

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